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2017 Articles & Publications

The Resurging Interest in Bank Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
Bank Director, April 2017
Equias Feature Associate Member
Community Bankers West Virginia, February 2017

2016 Articles & Publications

Getting the Edge with Equias Alliance
Great Lakes Banker, November 2016
The Bank-Owned Life (BOLI) Insurance Market is Changing: Here's How
Bank Director, October 2016
Compensation Plans for Texas Banks
Published by Texas Bankers Association, August 2016
Key Trends in the BOLI Market in 2016
Bank Director, June 2016
What Are the Best Ways to Fund Your Retirement Plans for Executives and Directors?
Bank Director, April 2016
Executive Benefit Plans in 2016: Emerging Trends
Bank Director, January 2016

2015 Articles & Publications

Compensation for Privately Owned Banks: What to Know
Bank Director, October 2015
Is Your Executive Benefits Package Competitive?
Bank Director, August 2015
The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on BOLI
Bank Director, July 2015
Compensation Elements- Florida Banking
July 2015
Non Interest Income: Do You Have Enough BOLI Investment
WIB, June 2015
BOLI Continues to be an Attractive Option for Banks
Arkansas Banker, June 2015
Report on the Market - BOLI Assets Continue to Have Strong Growth
Bank Director, April 2015
Performance-Driven Retirement Plans: Are They Right for Your Bank?
Bank Director, January 2015

2014 Articles & Publications

Deciding on the Right Retirement Plan for Executives
Bank Director, September 2014
FDIC data reveals continued growth of BOLI
Oklahoma Banker, August 2014
Incentive Deferred Compensation: A Tool for Retaining Executives
Northwestern Financial Review, September 2014
Why BOLI in Today's Interest Rate Environment 2014
Texas Banking Publication, August 2014
Managing the BOLI Risk
Bank Director May 2014
BOLI Growth Continues: Latest Trends in Bank-Owned Life Insurance
Bank Director, July 2014
Making Benefit Plans Work It's All in the Contract
Bank Director, May 2014

2013 Articles & Publications

How Mergers Can Impact Deferred Compensation Plans Part II
Bank Director, December 2013
Impact of Basel III on BOLI
November 2013
Impact of New Capital Rule on Community Banks
October 10, 2013
How Mergers Can Impact Deferred Compensation Plans Part I
Bank Director, September 2013
Key Provisions of Recently Enacted Basel III New Capital Rule
August 2013
What Do Bank Boards Need to Know About BOLI
Bank Director, August 2013
Why BOLI in Today's Interest Rate Environment 2013
August 2013
Is Your Compensation Plan Generous Enough?
June 2013
BOLI is Becoming an Increasingly Attractive Option for Banks
April 2013
ABA on Tax-Deferred Income Generated by a Fixed Income BOLI Policy
Providing Value to Banks through Benefit and Funding Solutions
Key Findings from the 2013 Equias Alliance / Michael White BOLI Holdings Report
March 2013

2012 Articles & Publications

Will the Federal Reserve Board Letter of Nov. 15, 2012 Impact BOLI Pans?
Glenn Blackwood, November 2012
BOLI and Health Care
David Shoemaker & Booker Moore, PA Banker Magazine, November 2012
Why BOLI in Today's Interest Rate Environment 2012
David Shoemaker, PA Banker Magazine, September 2012
Equias Insights " Impact of Basel III on Community Banks"
August 2012
MassMutual "BOLI Keeps Bank Competitive"

2011 Articles & Publications

Texas Banking Magazine
May 2011
Managing Rising Health Care Costs with Bank-Owned Life Insurance(BOLI)
Arkansas Banking Magazine – September 2011

Equias News

Equias Alliance/Michael White 2016 Q4 BOLI Holdings Report
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The Resurging Interest in Bank Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
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How to Retain Your Best People
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The Bank-Owned Life (BOLI) Insurance Market is Changing: Here's How
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